Associate Professor, Computer Science + General Studies, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada

Randy Connolly. Associate Professor. Department of Computer Science & Information Systems and Department of General Studies.

Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada


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I didn't get a chance to thank you on our last day of classes, as I had to go to work. But thank you very much for the awesome semester.  This was a required course for me, and in all honesty at the beginning of the semester I was really not looking forward to taking it.  To my surprise, I thought that it was very interesting. I am really excited to go back to europe and see everything again. This class gave me a whole new perspective on art and has made my education much more well-rounded. Thanks again for your dedication to my education. I really appreciate it.
I also wanted to thank you for the the topics you covered in class, it was very interesting and enjoyable! You avoided the dry, monotonous presentation of materials to which I have become accustomed in GNED courses and of course there has to be something said for having a sense of humor when presenting such material!